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About Cyclivacs

Cyclivacs is a resale agency approved by The Holiday Club.

Why sell your Points through Cyclivacs?

No registration fees

No administrative fees

No hidden costs

A list of pre-approved buyers.

At certain times of the year Cyclivacs compiles a list of pre-approved buyers, ready to purchase resale Points. During this time you’ll be able to sell your Holiday Club Points in record time through our reliable company. Cyclivacs is a resale agency approved by The Holiday Club.

Free evaluation of your Points.

Simply fill out the contact form or call us for a free evaluation of your Points with no obligation to sell. Our consultants will be able to answer any questions you may have about the process.

Sell Your Points

Have your holiday requirements changed or have membership fees become a burden? Well we have the solution! Contact us to sell your Points, and one of our friendly consultants will assist you in the process.

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Buy Pre-Owned Timeshare Weeks

If you want affordable holidays that won’t break the bank, consider buying a pre-owned timeshare week.

What is pre-owned timeshare?

Pre-owned timeshare weeks become available for sale when the initial owner is no longer able to make use of his week due to changing circumstances.

How does pre-owned timeshare work?

After purchasing your chosen week, the share will be legally transferred into your name. You can use it yourself or transfer it to family in years to come. It will be your property for life.

How do I buy a pre-owned timeshare week?

Browse through our available weeks and contact us about the week(s) that most appeals to you. We will be in contact to answer any of your questions about the process of purchase and send you the required documentation.

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